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Avatar admin | August 10, 2017


The self development and human potential movements are continually evolving and redefining the limits, and indeed the possibilities, that we can all achieve in our own lives. The advent of the internet has helped spread this message. The further developments in technology have provided us all with new and exciting ways to approach our spiritual growth - giving us new tools and new ways to create our lives and to improve our understandings.

Creative visualization is a good example of how technology has revolutionized spiritual practice. In the not too distant past, creatively visualizing 'anything' meant sitting down and quieting the mind, then imagining in your mind's eye the conditions you wanted to materialize, or at least experience during that exercise. In more recent times creative visualization has been aided, for example, by creating tools like 'vision boards' - usually photo images taken from glossy magazines or even personal photo collections. Rather than needing to sit down, getting focused and relaxing to imagine and meditate upon these images, they are impressed upon you by merely viewing them in your conscious day to day existence. Often its as simple as walking into your kitchen and seeing your dream home, perfect partner, or desired brand new car plastered onto a wall or even the fridge.

That brings us to the current state of technological development and advancement. Today we have visual and audio tools to enhance the creative visualization experience. We have portable mobile devices that we can listen to and view anytime and anywhere. We have access to such a wide range of resources and social networks now that creatively visualization has gone to new levels. Right now we have exciting technologies that can create a total visualization package. For example, you can create your own images, your own photos, develop your very own affirmations and add your own soundtrack to the package to completely create a very real and authentic creative visualization experience that can be viewed in any state of consciousness or awareness.

What was once the domain of the disciplined few and the even fewer perhaps who achieved real results from traditional creative visualization practice, we now have technology revolutionizing and demystifying these ancient techniques and spiritual practices. Deeper states of consciousness are now deemed not necessary, as even subliminal software options enable us to process these technologies on different levels of conscious awareness. When you add binaural beat technology (for example) to such practices, you further create additional levels of consciousness and states of awareness that were once attributed primarily to zen monks and spiritual masters.

Technology has indeed presented us with some incredibly powerful and effective techniques to develop our spirituality and our human potential - and to not only apply it, but to potentially, and perhaps exponentially, improve traditional spiritual practices.

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